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A day @ Oi Playschool

Our Kids are actively involved in various activities scheduled for a particular day that will help them in all round development. An array of activities like drawing, colouring, painting, writing, singing rhymes, art and craft, circle time and outdoor play are involved in the schedule. These activities help them develop socially and emotionally apart from making them physically active.

The indoor environment at Oi Playschool is organized in such a manner that it offers children the freedom to choose from a wide variety of choices. This is achieved by offering corners such as block building, reading, art, alphabet recognition, drawing, science, puzzles and manipulative areas. The Oi program and environment have varying degrees of difficulty so that children can engage in activities that are challenging and stimulating, yet lacking in undue stress. Research shows that when children play a significant role in choosing the experiences of their own day, they explore what is meaningful to them and develop a strong sense of self-reliance and independence.

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